Startup Weekend Brasov – Ticket Packages



We’re offering four packages for this edition of Startup Weekend. You’ll find details for each package below, but you’re going to want to keep an eye out on our page as we’re going to be offering discounts of 10%, 20%, and 30% in the days leading up to the big event.

1.       HHSW (Happy Hour Startup Weekend)

We have a limited number of tickets to which we’re going to apply a 30% discount over the course of twenty-four hours. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@SWBrasov) where we’ll make all the details available, it’s coming soon!


2.       StudSW (Student Startup Weekend)

As with the Happy Hour sale, we’re going to be applying a 30% discount for twenty-four hours to tickets issued to students who are planning to attend Startup Weekend Brasov. As usual, get on Facebook or Twitter (@SWBrasov) to stay posted.


3.       Intrapreneur Promo Code

One of our goals at Startup Weekend is promoting the entrepreneurial spirit to the staff of local multinational companies. The Intrapreneur discount will be available for a period of twenty-four hours by using the promo code ‘Company!’ Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter (@SWBrasov).


4.       @SWIS@SWBV

Open to everyone, a limited number of tickets will be made available as part of our partnership with an upcoming Startup Weekend event in Iasi. Use the promo code ‘@SWIS@SWBV’ and make sure you follow us on twitter and facebook.